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Message from Head of School - Strategic Plan 2017-2020

May 3, 2017

Dear Members of the Webb Community,

As you are aware, last fall we began work for our Southern Association of Independent Schools accreditation in October, 2017, by beginning to create our strategic plan for 2017-2020. This has been an exciting process, and it has involved the input of many of you. It is important for a school to take time to consider strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats. We will do our best to approach these issues with thoughtful discussion, realistic approaches, and as much foresight as possible! Below is our timeline to date and an outline of the strategic plan to this point. I thank you for your input and welcome any questions that you may have.


Ray Broadhead
Head of School

Strategic Plan Timeline (May 1, 2017)

October, 2016: SAIS surveys sent to all constituents - Trustees, Faculty and Staff, Alumni, Students, and Parents.

November 8, 2016: Administrative Council Reviews Survey Results.

November 29, 2016: Administrative Council attends interactive Webinar presented by Damian Kavanagh, SAIS Vice-President of Accreditation.

December 6, 2016: Administrative Council reviews Webinar, and discusses what issues to share with the faculty.

January 3, 2017: Head of School Ray Broadhead shares some survey slides from the Webinar (including constituent slides with faculty).

January 18-19, 2017: Kathy Hanson of Marts and Lundy consulting group meets with focus groups that include members of all constituents on the Webb campus.

January 26, 2017: Kathy Hanson's report arrives.

January 31, 2017: Administrative Council discusses Mrs. Hanson's report.

February 4, 2017: At the Board Retreat, Head of School Ray Broadhead shares some survey slides from the Webinar and the Hanson report. Board members look at the skeleton of the strategic plan, and add their thoughts in group meetings.

March 6, 2017: After a "snow day" is scheduled, faculty groups spend the morning working in groups on the strategic plan.

March 21, 2017: Faculty work in groups on strategic plan during faculty meeting.

April 28, 2017: Rough draft of strategic plan is sent to the Board of Trustees for comments and input.

Strategic Plan 2017-2020


Goal 1 Enrollment Management - To develop plans that maximize inquiries, visits, applications, and enrolled students at Webb. And to improve the education of the whole child to maximize student retention.
I. Financial Aid Sustainability

II. External Marketing: The Value of a Webb Education

III. Internal Marketing
○ Character of Home
○ Personalized Education

Goal 2: Development for Webb 150 - To build development goals that may partner with Webb's sesquicentennial in 2020

I. Value the historical collection

II. Improve direct contact with constituents

III. Ensure all donor constituencies are well led with staff support

IV. Strengthen Annual Giving

V. To create a memorable celebration of Webb's sesquicentennial in 2020

VI. Other goals to be considered

* Planned Giving--goals and strategy
* Data modeling, prospect management-completion of the new system
* Alumni Center remodel and master planning
* Enhanced Stewardship--reporting to donors and tracking of endowed funds
* 150 fundraising campaign--what are the goals and timeline
* Class agent participation goals
* Webb Fund fundraising goals
* Website redesign completion

Goal 3: Internal Focus - To examine and strengthen our internal culture to create more positive messaging at all levels (there are already many tactics to each of these subjects below)

I. Communication

II. Internal Marketing

III. Dress Code

IV. Bullying/Words

V. Community/Integration of Diversity

VI. Residential Living

VII. Athletics

Goal 4 - Building and Grounds - To create a plan of facilities priorities for the next five years

I. Lower Cost Projects in Priority Order - Perhaps Funded by Annual Capital Budget in 2-4 years. (Ex. Maker Space, Sidewalks, Bathroom renovation)

II. Medium Cost Projects in Priority Order - Perhaps Funded by Moderate Level of Short Term Fund Raising (Ex. Indoor Athletic Practice Facility, Alumni Center improvements, new buses, second floor handicap access to Follin Chapel)

III. High Cost Projects - Funded by Major Capital Campaign (ex. Performing Arts Center, Middle School Building, New Dorms, Dining Hall Expansion and Renovation)

Goal 5 - Academics - Preparing students academically for the next 150 years!

I. Independent Curriculum

II. Moving Beyond AP

III. Educating and caring for the Whole Child

IV. Improving our processes (ex. Online gradebook, effective use of educational tools and techniques)

V. Evaluate the Emerging Voices Program

VI. Strengthen the notion of Personalized Education (ex. De-tracking in favor of Honors Earned by Work, Curriculum Mapping, Support Program for students without learning differences, Preparing for College, Career and life for Jrs./Srs., Health and Wellness)

VII. Notion of Global Education

Strategic Plan 2012-2017

Click plan to view.

Message from 2012-2017 Committee Chair

Dear Webb Community:

We are pleased to provide you with Webb School’s Strategic Plan 2012-2017.

We undertook the planning process with a deep appreciation for Webb’s special values and traditions. Webb is a close-knit community where academic rigor, civility, honor and integrity are critically important. These values and traditions are enduring and will not change. Our strategic plan seeks to build on our strengths.

The board of trustees appointed a strategic planning committee last fall. This committee included trustees, parents, members of the faculty, administration representatives and an alumni board representative. Kathy Hanson of Marts & Lundy served as an advisor to our group.

We first sought input from our stakeholders through an electronic survey. The thoughtful responses from this survey formed the framework for our planning process. As themes emerged, we began to develop preliminary goals. Focus groups involving alumni, faculty and parents met to discuss the emerging themes more fully. Goals were refined and strategies for implementing those goals were developed. Six broad goals, with specific strategies for each, were identified for the next five years. In spring of 2012, subcommittees developed detailed tactical plans for implementing each goal.

Strategic Plan 2012-2017 was approved in late summer, and those charged with implementation are making tremendous strides in meeting our timeline for achieving specific aspects of each goal. We look forward to working with each of Webb’s constituent groups to implement the plan and to assure our ability to deliver a premium education, consistent with our values, to future generations of students.

Vance Berry

Strategic Plan Committee

Trustees, Charles Alexander ‘68, Vance Berry ‘72, Ann Short ‘74, Paul Jennings ‘88, David LaRouche ‘98, Walter Manley ‘64, David McElroy ‘86, George Pine ‘68, and John Sawyer ‘88
Alumni Board Member, Wilson Sims ‘72
Parents, Natalie Townes and David Hutchens
Faculty/Staff, Ray Broadhead, Claudia Hazelwood, Ralph Jones and Kelly Northrup

Strategic planning adviser, Kathy Hanson of Marts & Lundy, assisted with the planning process.

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