The following words by our school founder, Sawney Webb, articulate The Webb School’s mission. Our mission is “to turn out young people who are tireless workers, and who know how to work effectively; who are accurate scholars; who know the finer points of morals and practice them in their daily living; who are always courteous.” These guiding principles have been in place at Webb for over 140 years, and they continue to provide direction and guidance today as we strive to learn and grow on a daily basis. 

Webb's future is intimately connected to the values of its original visionaries. The school supports six enduring understandings based upon these founding values. They are:

   Integrity is a cornerstone of a flourishing life and community.

   Learning is an enjoyable and ongoing process.

   Respect for self and others is essential to a harmonious society.

   Self-discipline and autonomy are essential to success.

   Each person has unique gifts and capacities and a responsibility to develop them.

   Each person shares the responsibility and honor of serving others.

The School

The School

Founded in 1870 by noted scholar William R. "Old Sawney" Webb, The Webb School is the South's oldest continuously operating boarding school. We offer a college-preparatory education for grades 6-12. Our small private boarding school community comprised of 315 boarding and day students and our emphasis on honor truly creates a "Character of Home." 


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Greetings from The Webb School!

Guided by our core values of honor, integrity and civility, the goal of The Webb School is to motivate young men and women to fulfill their promise. The community of 318 male and female students is small by design, to create lifelong connections while fostering greater involvement and individual growth.

Prospective boarding and day students have many choices for middle school and upper school education. Webb is a private, independent school. Schools in this category have many similarities including: small class size, an excellent faculty, a strong curriculum, athletic programs and afternoon clubs.

What is the Webb Difference?

  • Honor and Character

The hallmark of a Webb education is our emphasis on honor and personal integrity. Our 146-year-old Honor Code, the inspiration for the Honor Code at Princeton, is the framework in which students grow into principled young adults. Our students take pride in upholding this tradition by signing the pledge book each year and electing members of a student-led Honor Council.

  • Emerging Voices Program

Writing across the curriculum and public speaking are major emphases at The Webb School. Through our Emerging Voices Program, students learn to create original ideas, assemble a body of research, and communicate those ideas effectively through writing and public speaking. Students showcase their skills each year by performing declamations, orations, performance creations and senior paper presentations. These exhibitions are developed and completed under the mentorship of the students' advisors and other members of the community. Our goal is to create confident contributors in the classroom and beyond.

  • Outdoor Program

Webb’s Outerlimits and Wilderness Instruction and Leadership Development (WILD) programs combine the classroom with the outdoors. Our 150-acre campus is thriving with the spirit of a well-rounded education. Students develop leadership skills and confidence as they navigate our high ropes course and lead trips into the surrounding area. Rock climbing, caving, backpacking, kayaking, and rafting are just some of the activities students can master during their tenure at Webb.

  • Global Education

A mindful, global education is built into the very fabric of the curriculum at The Webb School and reflects a continuing commitment to graduating active citizens of the world. Students from 12 different countries and 16 different states endow Webb with a unique and diverse community. Each class, each activity, and each meal is an opportunity for students to authentically connect with each other and expand their viewpoint. With a legacy of service and graduates who are active in the global marketplace, Webb impacts the world .

  • Personalized Education

Webb’s flexible curriculum and small class sizes challenge students as individuals, allowing them to exceed their expectations. With a 7:1 student to teacher ratio, and an average class size of 10, students are encouraged to engage actively in their classes, sharing their opinions on material with teachers and students. Advisors, teachers, coaches, and dorm parents take a personal interest in students, providing an education that is both rigorous and meaningful.

We encourage you to visit our campus to see what makes our school so special. And, at the end of the day, you will see for yourself the Webb difference.

Ray Broadhead
Head of School

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The Webb Impact
"Due to my experience at Webb, I feel much more prepared for the academic side of college. For example, when preparing for mid-term exams, I knew what to do for each exam and how to do it because of my prior experience with finals at Webb. Although exams in college may be overwhelming for some people, like my friends who attended public schools and did not know how to prepare and study, I knew exactly what I had to do to receive a good grade, and for that I am thankful for Webb."
         Hailey Williams, Class of 2014  

"Not a day goes by that I don't think about the immense influence that Webb has had on my life and how eternally grateful I am to have attended such a wonderful place for six years."  
       –  Caitie Connor, Class of 2013    

“… going to college is a difficult transition for anyone, so no matter where you went to high school, freshman year of college is going to be challenging; however, I feel that the rigorous academics and the boarding experience at Webb made the transition easier.”  

    Hannah Cartwright, Class of 2012  

“Webb has taught me the importance of virtue and how far it will get you if you live by it.”

   – Aurora MacDougall, Class of 2010


“Webb is a place that opens up the world to you. You learn about different possibilities, different professions. I just don’t think I would have considered as many options as I did if I hadn’t gone to Webb School…. I owe my whole life to Webb.”

   – Retired TIME Magazine editor Charles Alexander, Class of 1968


“It (The Webb School) showed me I could …”

   – Henry O. Whiteside, Class of 1960


“The (Webb) Honor Code has influenced my life for 60 years.”

   – William B. Gregory, Jr., Class of 1950