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Where passionate teaching finds its place.

Teachers at Webb are deeply committed to seeing students succeed. They are here to challenge their students, to push them to try harder. Because many live on campus, they're available to students long after the school day ends.

The faculty here love what they do, and it shows. With a majority holding advanced degrees, they bring expertise, talent, and energy to the classroom.

But teachers at Webb are so much more than just teachers. What sets Webb apart is the relationships between students and faculty both inside and outside the classroom. Most, if not all, of the faculty are actively involved in campus life. They're coaches and advisors. They're mentors and trip leaders. They're people you get to know and who get to know you. They're friends.

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  • 002451.jpg

    Alyce Allen


    Alumni & Development, Alumni & Development Database Coordinator

    B.B.A., Georgia State University
  • CarriePhoto.jpg

    Carrie Auwarter


    Admissions, Associate Director of Admissions and Financial Aid, Rand Dorm Advisor

    B.A., Lehigh University
  • 002463.jpg

    Neil Barrett


    English, 8th grade English, Southern Writers, Creative Writing, Cooper-Farris Dorm Advisor, Oracle Advisor

    B.A., Clemson University
    M.A., Mississippi State University

    Mary Bennett


    Administration, Bookstore Manager

  • 002471.jpg

    Daiva Berzinskas


    English, ELL 1, ELL II (Grammar and Literature), ELL III, Davis Dorm Advisor, Boys' and Girls' Cross Country Head Coach

    B.A., Cleveland State University
    M.S.Ed., Middle Tennessee State University
  • Bonner1.jpg

    Jeff Bonner


    Science, Teacher

    B.S., University of Georgia
    M.A., Cumberland University
  • 002482.jpg

    Jacquelyn Boyanton


    English, Department Chair, Sixth grade Humanities, Seventh grade English

    B.A., Aquinas College
  • 002493.jpg

    Leone Broadhead


    Science, AP Biology, Chemistry

    B.A., University of South Carolina
    M.A., University of South Carolina
    PhD, University of South Carolina
  • 002502.jpg

    Raymond Broadhead


    Administration, Head of School

    B.S., University of Pennsylvania
    M.Sc., Brown University
  • 00235.JPG

    Kathleen Camp


    English, American Literature, AP English

    B.A., Claremont McKenna College (1984)
    JD, University of Santa Clara Law School (1987)
  • 002512.jpg

    Ann Chandler


    Library, Library Assistant, College Counseling Administrative Assistant

  • J_Chicken20150506_214850.jpg

    Jon Chicken


    History, Teacher, Chambliss Dorm Advisor

    B.A., University of Wisconsin
    M.A., Indiana University
  • 002533.jpg

    Michael Cimino-Hurt


    History, History - Department Co-Chair, World History II, AP World History II

    B.A., Middle Tennessee State University (1993)
  • 002542.jpg

    April Cline


    Administration, Administrative Assistant

  • 002552.jpg

    Ruth Cordell


    Fine Arts, Fine Arts; Director of Speech & Theatre Program; Director: Webb School Player Productions; Sponsor: International Thespian Society

    B.S., Middle Tennessee State University
  • 003052.jpg

    Carmel Cordero


    Academic Support Instructor, Davis Dorm Advisor

    B.S., Lipscomb University
  • 002562.jpg

    Cindy Cox



    A.A., Motlow State Community College
  • 002572.jpg

    Anne Crick


    Administration, Administrative Assistant

  • 002581.jpg

    Meredith Crockett


    Alumni & Development, Director of Special Events and Outreach

    B.S., Middle Tennessee State University (2004)
  • 002592.jpg

    Micky Donovan


    Administration, Registrar/Academic Assistant

  • 002602.jpg

    Scott Dorsett


    Athletics, Director of Athletics, Varsity Girls' Softball Head Coach, Personal Finance

    B.S., East Tennessee State University (1986)
  • 00257.JPG

    Rickey Dycus


    Coaches, Middle School Girls' Basketball Head Coach

  • 002612.jpg

    Dorothy Elkins


    Alumni & Development

  • 002632.jpg

    Adam Feldbruegge


    Science, AP Physics, Honors Physics, Astronomy, Chambliss Dorm Advisor, Football Coach

    B.S., University of Tennessee Knoxville
  • IMG_9146_E_Coffey.jpg

    Emily Feldbruegge


    College Counseling, Assistant Director

    B.A., Belmont University
  • 002641.jpg

    David Forrest


    Athletics, Head Football Coach

    B.S., University of Tennessee at Martin
    M.A., Austin Peay State University
  • L_Foulk_IMG_0100.jpg

    Larry Foulk


    History, Teacher, Chambliss Dorm Advisor

    B.A., University of Tennessee
    M.A., University of Tennessee
  • 002652.jpg

    Bruce Frommeyer


    Administration, Assistant Business Manager

  • 002662.jpg

    James Garcia


    English, English, Honor Council Advisor, Cooper-farris Dorm Head, Middle School Boys' Basketball Head Coach, football assistant coach

    B.A., Green Mountain College (2000)
    M.Ed., Trevecca University
  • Carmen_Greenberg1.jpg

    Carmen Greenberg


    Alumni & Development, Assistant/Parent Giving

    M.Sc., The University of Akron
    PhD, The University of Akron
  • joe_griggs.jpg

    Joe Griggs '05


    Mathematics, Teacher
    Faculty, Outdoor Programming Teacher, Cooper-Farris Dorm Advisor

    B.S., Centre College
  • 002672.jpg

    Julie Harris '95


    Admissions, Director of Admissions, Mock Trial, Residential Faculty

    B.A., Berry College
  • mhilleary.jpg

    Meredith Hilleary


    Alumni & Development, Director of Annual Giving and Alumni Relations

    B.A., Washington and Lee University
    M.S., University of Tennessee
  • 002692.jpg

    Aimee Hoover


    Admissions, Assistant Director of Admissions

    B.S., Middle Tennessee State University
  • 002702.jpg

    Susan Howell


    Library, Library Assistant

  • 002712.jpg

    Greg Imboden


    Mathematics, Geometry, Honors Algebra II, SAT Prep, Chambliss Dorm Advisor, Football Assistant Coach

    B.A., University of Virginia
  • 002721.jpg

    Joe Iorio


    Administration, Business Manager, Assistant Head of School

    B.A., Hamilton College
    M.B.A., Florida Atlantic University
  • 002733.jpg

    Melissa James


    Administration, Administrative Assistant

  • 002742.jpg

    Mary Jo Johnson


    English, English I, Ethics, Assistant Middle School Girls' Soccer, Varsity Girls' Lacrosse

    M.A., Middle Tennessee State University
  • 002752.jpg

    Ralph Jones


    History, U.S. History, AP U.S. History, World Religions, Social History of Rock and Roll, Technical Director of Webb Productions, Webb Company Players, Care Team member

    B.S., Middle Tennessee State University
    M.A., Middle Tennessee State University
  • Reiva_Keith1jpg.jpg

    Reiva Keith


    Admissions, Admissions Counselor, Rand Dorm Advisor

    B.A., Dickinson College
  • 002762.jpg

    Robyn Kerstiens


    Foreign Language, Spanish

    M.A.T., Middle Tennessee State University
  • 00273.JPG

    Elizabeth Lagler


    Administration, Business Assistant; A/R, Investments & Banking

    B.A., University of Innsbrook-Austria
  • Lindsey Layne


    Administration, Relief Nurse

  • 002771.jpg

    Shirley Li


    Foreign Language, Chinese

    B.A., Sichuan Normal University
    M.A., Central China Normal University
  • 002782.jpg

    Janet Linton


    Fine Arts, Department Chair, Piano 1 & II, Advanced Piano, Choral Director

    B.Mus., Wheaton College (1974)
    M.M., Northwestern University (1976)
  • 002793.jpg

    Hannah Little


    Library, Library Director, Reading for Personal Growth

    B.S., Pensacola Christian College
    B.S., Belmont University
    M.L.S., Trevecca Nazarene University
  • 002812.jpg

    Teal Lynch


    Administration, Assistant Dean of Students

    B.A., University of North Carolina at Chapel Hilll
  • Andrew_McRady.jpg

    Andrew McRady


    Administration, Dean of Students

    B.A., Berea College
    M.Ed., University of Southern Queensland, Australia
  • 002832.jpg

    Jeff Mitchell


    Mathematics, 7th grade Math, 8th grade Pre-Algebra, Algebra I, Algebra I Honors, Varsity Boys', Girls', Middle School Golf Head Coach, Varsity Boys' Basketball Head Coach

    B.A., Hanover College

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At my other school, I never got to really know my teachers at all. You just went to class and that was it. Here they offer extra help and actually care about what your interests are and what you're doing. If you're having trouble, they take the time to learn why and how they can help you.

- Liz Arnett
Class of '02