Unique Programs

Emerging Voices Program

Writing across the curriculum and public speaking are major emphases at The Webb School. Through our Emerging Voices Program, students learn to create original ideas, assemble a body of research, and communicate those ideas effectively through writing and public speaking.  Students showcase their skills each year by performing declamations, orations, performance creations and senior paper presentations.  These exhibitions are developed and completed under the mentorship of the students' advisors and other members of the community. Our goal is to create confident contributors in the classroom and beyond.

The following is the schedule for the Emerging Voices Program:


Grades 6-9: Declamation

A declamation is a 2-3 minute minimum recitation of a literature selection.  Grades 6-8 perform their declamation in front of the middle school and students in grade 9 perform their declamation in front of the whole school community.


Grade 10: Oration

An oration is a 3-minute minimum recitation of a student’s original writing. The oration is performed in front of the whole school community.


Grade 11: Junior performance

Students will choose a performance subject based on their own interests and, along with a member of the Webb community, plan and execute a performance-based public presentation in front of the whole school community.  Students will also write a personal reaction paper over the subject matter and the experience of planning and carrying out the performance.


Grade 12: Senior Research Paper Presentation

In the Senior Research Paper Presentation, students will choose a subject based on their own interests and then undertake independent research / experiential study under the tutelage of a Webb faculty member. The projects will culminate in the spring with a public exhibition whole school community, including written and performed components, of what the student has learned.

Outerlimits Program 
Webb’s Outerlimits and Wilderness Instruction and Leadership Development (WILD) programs combine the classroom with the outdoors. Our 150-acre campus is thriving with the spirit of a well-rounded education. Students develop leadership skills and confidence as they navigate our high ropes course and lead trips into the surrounding area. Rock climbing, caving, backpacking, kayaking, and rafting are just some of the activities students can master during their tenure at Webb.

Jessica Han - Jr. Performance - Jan. 13, 2016
Chelsea Ilarde - Jr. Performance - Jan. 18, 2016
Beyza Baykan - Jr. Performance - Jan. 25, 2016
Leticia Dias Camara - Junior Performance - W.I.L.D. Program - Jan. 21, 2016
Morgan Williams - Oration Oct. 30, 2015
Abbigaile Hunsucker Declamation - September 2015
Oliver Hutchens Declamation - September 2015