Middle School Program

Middle School Curriculum

The middle school program is designed to develop all students to their fullest intellectual, physical, social, and moral potential and prepare them for success in the upper school. The middle school faculty is thoroughly committed to the philosophy and goals of the total school program. While seeking to ensure a smooth transition from elementary school to a challenging college-preparatory curriculum, Webb also instills in the middle school student a respect for courtesy, honesty, and responsibility. The acceptance of differences and an appreciation for the individual are integral to the middle school philosophy. Webb believes that upon completion of the eighth grade, every student will have the necessary integrity and academic skills to be a contributing member of the upper school. 


Middle School Faculty

Webb's middle school faculty are an experienced group with 71% with advanced degrees. They understand the academic and social needs of middle school students and provide the structure and support necessary to prepare them for the upper school.


In the Classroom

Focus Class-Mr. Wofford.jpg

Focus classes build a fire with Brian Wofford, director of the outdoor program, while reading HATCHET.