Study Abroad

Webb embraces the world with a student body from many different countries and regions. Cultural exchange allows Webb to "go to the world" and study the language and culture of France and Spain.

Travel and Family Stay in France

Students who study French at Webb know they can have the enriching experience of forming  international friendships with a French teenager while living in the French culture and being able  to communicate in French. This meaningful intercultural opportunity occurs via Webb's short  term travel and family stay program abroad. Webb French students travel to France during  Spring Break for a family stay and short term travel that allows them to live the personal  experience of being immersed in language while learning firsthand about French culture and  building a friendship during the family stay. Each Webb student is received by a host family in  France, who provides the homestay experience, works to fulfill the Webb student's interests, and encourages language communication in "real time."

Recent family stays have been to Strasbourg, Vire (Normandy), and Lyon. Depending on the  area, students have been on day trips to see the European Parliament building, the DDay  Beaches, or a French World II Resistance museum. Of course, each trip finds a bit of time to  see the Eiffel Tower in Paris (like Sawney Webb did in the year the Tower was inaugurated!) and enjoy “the City of Lights.”

An added feature to Webb's travel to France is the possibility to host a French teen during the  summer. Often the students invite their French friend from the spring, and summer hosting  allows any Webb student and family to welcome someone from France into their home. Webb  teachers organize the travel and home stays in France and the U.S. through the invaluable work  of Language and Friendship, whose motto reflects the key philosophy: "use the language, build  a friendship.” Webb students enthusiastically agree:

“Being an exchange student is so much more fun than just pure traveling. I get to meet and hang out with lots of French teenagers and we have become friends with each other. My host family is super nice. They make me delicious French food and care about me.”

Vivian Wu '14

Spain Program Transitions To Exchange 

In previous years, Webb students have traveled to Salamanca, Spain, and to Costa Rica to  pursue Spanish language study and to discover the rich Spanish culture and that of Costa Rica.  With the positive experiences and tangible benefits of the French program, Webb Spanish  students will embark on a similar family stay and short term language study the next time they  travel to Spain.

In addition to being received as a new member of a Spanish family, the day trips to Avila,  Segovia, El Escorial, or to a soccer match or cathedral these are all things to look forward to as  Webb prepares to add Spain as an exchange destination.

Beyond France and Spain to China?

Webb has been blessed to partner with Language and Friendship in its exchange endeavors. To imagine holding an international flight in Chicago while your flight from Nashville arrives an hour late, will tell why we at Webb value their expertise.

Language and Friendship does not yet go to China, but by the time Webb students are ready to go, we will make an exchange happen! We look forward to seeing how this will work out.

Taking this trip was a new and incredible experience. I not only made lifelong friends with teenagers from another country, but I also got closer to some of my fellow Webb students. Immersing in the French culture and language has allowed me to be more aware and has improved my French speaking. Also with my brothers (Daniel ’09, Christopher ’10) hosting exchange students before, I have been waiting for my opportunity to have an exchange experience all my own, and now I've had that.

McKenna Hoover '15