Cloudland Canyon State Park, GA,  Feb. 28-March 1, 2015
WILD Winter Bushcraft and Backpacking
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Ichetucknee Springs.jpg
Ichetucknee Springs - February 2015 Winter Break Paddling Trip  
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Kayacking on Hiwassee River - 9-8-13
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Thicket campout 009.jpg
W.I.L.D. Overnight Campout - 4-23-13
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Outdoor Program



Webb offers Outerlimits, an outdoor program that teaches students teamwork and self-confidence as they overcome obstacles on our on campus high and low ropes courses. The program also offers a variety of weekend and extended trips led by our experienced Outerlimits faculty. These 19 trips include:

  • whitewater kayak day trips,
  • weekend backpacking trips,
  • rafting on the Ocoee River,
  • caving,
  • extended backpacking trips such as Winter Freeze, a four-day backpacking trip just before the winter holiday,
  • Senior Survival, a weeklong backpacking trip ending the day before graduation. This is the last bonding experience for the class before graduation.
  • 6-12-day trips to Minnesota and Missouri for canoeing and Utah for camping and hiking

Wilderness Instruction and Leadership Development (W.I.L.D.)

Wilderness Instruction and Leadership Development or W.I.L.D. is an exciting program that combines the classroom with the outdoors. W.I.L.D. is an academic class that includes book discussions about camping and leadership. The class also uses experience gained from the outdoors and Outerlimits activities such as camping, canoeing, backpacking, rock climbing, and multiple others to teach the skills needed to attend and to lead trips into the wilderness.

Through instruction in class, on trips, and in different workshops, W.I.LD. members gain skills needed to take trips into the wilderness. These skills include planning, packing and carrying equipment from single day trips to multi-day trips, using outdoor equipment, building campfires, and using stoves to cook in the outdoors. Some of the workshops the class will attend are Wilderness First- Aid and Ropes course Safety and Operation.

Benefits of W.I.LD:

  • W.I.LD. provides knowledge and skills that help students fully enjoy wilderness and outdoor experiences.
  • W.I.L.D. teaches students to identify and treat injuries or illnesses in the wilderness.
  • W.I.L.D. develops leadership ability by allowing students to plan and lead camping and Outerlimits trips.
  • W.I.L.D. gives students the opportunity to experience things like backpacking or canoeing that they would not otherwise be able to try
Walls of Jericho camping trip
March 10-11, 2017

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Leticia Dias Camara Junior Project - W.I.L.D. Program - Jan. 21, 2016