The Webb School has really prepared me for the many challenges I have or will face while in college. Webb has made me a gentleman, and it has encouraged me to always be honest. I thank Webb for everything it has done for me and what it is still doing.”

-hayden cliche,
Class of '13

Student Blogs

honesty ...
key to life
Andrew Harper.jpg

Andrew Harper, Shelbyville, Tenn.

I believe honesty is the best policy. If you live a life of lies, then you will never gain trust. It can be very frustrating to have no one believe you, to have friends and family that don’t know if they can trust you. At Webb, the expectation of honesty is everywhere. Teachers at Webb believe students are telling the truth and being honest. At my old school in New York, the teachers would automatically assume that you were lying. At Webb, teachers believe you have your homework when you say it’s in your locker or at your house. Most teachers will say, “Bring it to me by the end of the day, or it will be late.” 



U Yu.jpg

Ulysses Yu,
San Francisco, Calif.

Mr. Smith is an awesome history teacher.  He teaches World History I for the freshmen at Webb.  He loves to do “trapping” as a method of reviewing material. Trapping is the best way to practice for an upcoming exam.

When Mr. Smith yells, “Line ‘em up!”, students cheer with joy.  Instantly, everyone jumps up from their desks and shove the benches against the wall.  Eagerly, students arrange themselves in one long line.  What happens next can determine the entire session.  Mr. Smith yells at the head of the line, “I hold in my hands the ceremonial Webb bunch of keys. Call it: seal or blank!”  He slams the keys down onto his podium.  One of the keys is now facing with the Webb seal up or seal down.  The person sitting in front calls seal and Mr. Smith responds, “Seal it is!”  The person sitting at the head of the line is in the 1st place spot, with everyone else lined up after him/her.  Now it is time for the trapping to begin.   

Webb feeling like home

R Cartwright.jpg

Rica Cartwright, 
Nassau. Bahamas 

Coming to The Webb School was a huge change for me. It was the first time that I would be away from my family for more than 7 days.  Before getting here, I thought boarding school would be like prison!  However, after I got here, I found that it’s quite the opposite.  It’s much more of a social learning experience.  I met so many friendly students and teachers from all over the world.  There is an afternoon activity or club for almost any interest, hobby, or sport you can think of, and I participated.