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The College Counseling Office at The Webb School understands its primary role within the community as guiding our students toward a college that is a good fit. The College Counseling Office strives to maintain an atmosphere free from prejudice, favoritism, or predisposition in regards to what college students are investigating. Therefore, while faculty and counselors will offer insight, suggestions and, perhaps, some personal opinions gleaned from their time in college, our main goal is to help students find a place where they will find both success and happiness after leaving the Webb community. 

CC 3.jpgIn regards to the process itself, the Office of College Counseling realizes that the fundamental responsibility in choosing a college is up to the students. For it is the students themselves who must write the essay, sit for standardized examinations, ask for teacher and counselor recommendations, fill out the application material, and ultimately leave for college. The counseling office does, however, pledge to support our students in myriad ways to insure their highest academic, athletic, and personal potential so that they can take full advantage of their college experience. With this in mind, the counseling office remains a place for students to browse their Naviance account, look over college materials, web search particular colleges, discuss pertinent issues (be they personal or academic in nature), or simply relax in a supportive environment.

Quite possibly the most helpful tool for parents, students, and counselors in supporting and challenging students as we begin this journey is good information. I encourage you to explore the links to frequented, and helpful, websites on the right of this page.


Jamison Fee
Director of College Counseling

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Fee one of six visiting
faculty members 
invited to
McNab Admission Program

Jamison Fee was one of six visiting faculty members invited to participate in the McNab Alumni Legacy College Admission Program at Davidson College on June 5-6.

Invited faculty members are high school guidance professionals and college deans of admission from five states. The program is open to children and grandchildren of Davidson alumni who are rising 11th and 12th graders. Seventy-five families participated in the event.

As part of the program, Fee co-led a team-building meeting with 13-14 rising juniors, facilitated a mock team admission committee meeting that included case study application deliberations and led the “Getting the Most Out of Your College Visit” session. During the two-day program, Fee and other visiting faculty members guided students and their families through topics such as college admission myths and realities, self-assessment in the college search process, and fielded individual questions. He also served on the panel presenting "College Search 101". The event ended with Fee meeting, individually, with six families to go over any and all questions the student/parent/grandparent had as well as offer his suggestions on their college list.

“It was a great professional honor and privilege to be selected to participate in the McNab Alumni Legacy College Admission Program,” said Fee. “I can sincerely say that I learned a tremendous amount from the exceptional staff at Davidson College as well as from my peer colleagues, and as always, great lessons from the parents and students themselves.” He added, “The McNab program is an exceptional event, and Davidson College should be credited for its continuing success.”