Webb's future is intimately connected to the values of its original visionaries. The school supports six enduring understandings based upon these founding values. They are:

   Integrity is a cornerstone of a flourishing life and community.

   Learning is an enjoyable and ongoing process.

   Respect for self and others is essential to a harmonious society.

   Self-discipline and autonomy are essential to success.

   Each person has unique gifts and capacities and a responsibility to develop them.

   Each person shares the responsibility and honor of serving others.

Parents' Calendar

Thu Aug 11

International Students Arrive

Prefects Arrive

Fri Aug 12

New International Student Luncheon

Prefect Orientatiion

Welcome Home Social

5:30 PM
Sat Aug 13

New Student Orientation

Sun Aug 14

Dennis Uniform Store Open

Residential Life Activity

Mon Aug 15

First Day of Classes

Tue Aug 16

Class Meetings