Kovacevic ’18 named recipient of February Student-Athlete of the Month Award

Posted March 16, 2017

Sofia Kovacevic ’18, a member of the volleyball and softball teams, was named the February recipient of the Student-Athlete of the Month Award continuing a program initiated this year at The Webb School.

“This program is designed to recognize student-athletes from Webb for exemplifying outstanding character and leadership both on the playing field and in the classroom,” said Director of Athletics Scott Dorsett.

Here are what her coach and others have to say about her:

Reiva Keith, softball coach
“Sofia consistently shows up to practice focused on the task at hand. She holds her teammates accountable and is a strong vocal leader on the field. She leads by example in the dorm during the evenings -- getting her work done for class while maintaining a healthy life balance. She is most deserving!”

Clint Insell, volleyball coach

“When I think of Sophia I think - dependable, eager to learn, integrity. Her intensity to win and play hard makes her a leader on the team that everyone looks up to for guidance.”

Scott Dorsett, athletics director

“I have had the pleasure to coach Sofia in softball for the past three seasons. Sofia is a very driven young lady who looks to succeed in everything she does. She is also a great teammate and is respected by her peers. Most importantly, Sofia displays the character, honor, and great work ethic on which The Webb School is based. I am very proud to name Sofia Kovacevic as our 2017 February Student Athlete of the Month.”


The award will be presented nine times throughout the year: August, September, October, November, December, January, February, March and April. Each month, coaches will nominate one student-athlete with the final selection made by a committee composed of the Director of Athletics, Assistant Director of Athletics, and Director of Studies. The student-athlete will be announced the first Thursday of each month, and his or her name and photo of the student-athlete will be posted on the school athletic page and be displayed on the wall in the Barton Athletic Center.

Coaches will nominate their student-athletes based on the following monthly criteria:

--Maintain academic standard of 3.0 GPA or above

--Show respect for coaches, teammates, officials, teachers, other students and family

--Show enthusiasm and a positive attitude

--Display altruism and help teammates improve

--Display commitment to practice, games, and personal skill development

--Maintain honesty and playing by the rules

--High Moral character

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