Memorial Gifts

A donor may make a gift in memory of a deceased individual.  That gift is acknowledged to the donor, and, if contact information is available, the family of the deceased will also be notified. No mention is made to the family of the amount of the gift.

Gifts in Honor

Gifts in honor or in recognition of a living individual are frequently made on the occasion of special events: anniversaries, birthdays, or as an expression of gratitude. These are frequently one-time contributions. Many alumni and current parents make a gift in honor of a special faculty member who has had a particular impact on a family member, friend, or child.

As with memorial gifts, the gift is acknowledged to the donor, and notice of the special gift is made to the honoree. Again, no mention of the amount given is disclosed to the honoree. 

Give to Webb

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Dear Webb Friends,

On behalf of the Board of Trustees, I thank everyone in the Webb Community for your support during the past year. The Webb School continues to be strengthened by your loyalty and commitment. As a donor, you clearly understand there is something special about our Webb School that stays with us forever. This year, alumni, parents, grandparents, faculty, staff and friends of the school provided funds that have enabled the school to make marked improvements of which I am very proud.

In recognition of the many donors who have generously supported Webb during the past fiscal year (July 1, 2013-June 30, 2014), this Annual Report will be included in The Webb Magazine fall/winter issue. The stories and information you will see in the magazine describe and amplify the initiatives that are supporting our progress. From academics to technology, to capital projects to overall financial stability, I know Webb is succeeding in delivering on its mission.

Please celebrate with me the results of Webb’s philanthropic support: The Webb Fund received $531,349.17 in gifts from 640 donors. These gifts provide critical support to ongoing operational needs and allow Webb to enhance educational opportunities.

Gifts were also made to the endowment, for capital projects and other specific initiatives. These special gifts, when added to The Webb Fund, totaled more than $1.4 million. Thank you!

You believe in The Webb School, and your philanthropy is one more way that you are moving our school forward. The recent opening of McClurg Hall is an excellent example of Webb's "philanthropy at work". Many donor friends contributed to this valuable and needed building for our students.

I hope you will enjoy reading this annual report. It is a positive reflection of all that you do for The Webb School.

Sincerely yours,

George E. Pine ’68
Chairman, Board of Trustees

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For more information about contributing to Webb's current school year and future success, please contact:

Claudia Hazelwood, Director of Alumni and Development
(931) 389-5725

Matt Wilson, Director of Annual Giving and Alumni Relations
(931) 389-5722


The Webb School Alumni and Development
P.O. Box 488
Bell Buckle, TN 37020
(Make check payable to The Webb School.)


A Great Generation 

Following the American Civil War, quality education was difficult to find in the southeastern United States. The Webb School was founded in 1870 by William R. “Sawney” Webb in the basement of a Methodist Church in Culleoka, Tenn., with the support of a local school board of parents. In 1886, Sawney moved his reputable school 50 miles east to the village of Bell Buckle to escape the legalization of liquor sales in Maury County. Bell Buckle citizens and parents sponsored the move.
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Matching Gifts

Many corporations have established matching gift programs that provide company dollar-for-dollar "matches" of financial gifts their employees make to non-profit organizations.

These programs can be especially beneficial to Webb because they further increase the impact of individual donations. Many programs will also honor gifts made by an employee's spouse. Some programs also match gifts by retirees or board members.

Only actual gifts, not pledges, are matched, and the gifts must meet the guidelines established by the individual corporation. Donors can get more detailed information about specific matching gift programs by contacting their employers' human resource office.