The Webb School Distinguished Alumni Society

2016 Distinguished Alumni Society Inductee

Jorge Redmond '66
J Redmond1.jpg

Jorge Redmond ’66, a native of Caracas, Venezuela, graduated from The Webb School in 1966 and the American University in Washington, D.C., with a degree in Business Administration in June of 1971. He then traveled to Zurich, Switzerland and worked as an intern portfolio manager at Julius Baer Bank in Zurich from 1971-72. He returned to Venezuela to start up Organización Cresta, S.A. , acompany which since has evolved from being a real estate development company into the areas of Cacao Processing, Chocolate Manufacturing, Flower and Cacao Farming as well as other diverse commercial services.Chocolates El Rey, C.A. and its affiliate companies began as a locally focused company to a highly competitive, quality oriented, international enterprise.

Apart from managing his personal business concerns, Mr. Redmond was the Founder and has been President of the Association of Cacao Processors and also served as President of the Venezuelan Chamber of Food Manufacturers Association, the Venezuelan Government’s agro-industrial research center, Venezuelan-American Chamber of Commerce and Industry.

Currently he serves on the boards of Telares Palo Grande, C.A. a private textile company; Venezuelan American Chamber of Commerce and Industry; Pastas Capri, a Venezuelan pasta making concern; the Universidad Metropolitana; FUNDACION Universidad Metropolitana, and he is a member of the Advisory Board of the Conindustria.

He is married to Astrid Horn Redmond, and has two children, Astrid Kristina and Jorge Alfredo, both adults and working in the family business. He has a private pilot’s license and enjoys golf, tennis and snow-skiing as sporting activities.

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The Distinguished Alumni Society recognizes and honors those alumni who demonstrate outstanding leadership beyond the Webb School community. Membership in the Distinguished Alumni Society is awarded by the Alumni Board and the Board of Trustees of The Webb School. Members of the Distinguished Alumni Society include Webb Alumni who, through personal commitment, work ethic, and service, have achieved significant success in their professional careers and have made outstanding contributions to their communities, demonstrating Sawney's mission and bringing honor to themselves and to the Webb School.

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