Webb Alumni Legacy Students


Each year more and more Webb alumni realize a new level of Webb pride as their own child or other family member pursues a Webb education. This 2012-2013 school year, 33 Legacy students are attending The Webb School in Bell Buckle.  Each grade (6-12) contains two or more of these students; seven are boarding students, and 26 are day students.

What is the value of your Webb education? 

Many alumni sum it up simply as The Webb Experience.
It is...

  • The personal pride felt after working hard to successfully complete a declamation or a public performance project, or a long hike up a mountain. 
  • Studying hard to achieve Honor Roll, win a Book Award, and gain distinction among your classmates. 
  • Knowing other students' names because of the small community, and sharing your fellow students' successes whether you know them well or not.
  • Walking outside between classes, and having some classes outside under the trees. 
  • Listening to teachers like L.R. Smith, Ralph Jones, and Larry Nichols illustrate history and other subjects.
  • Being pushed by coaches and teachers and cheered on by your friends on the athletic field, at onstage performances, and at club competitions.
  • The extra time spent by Bill Rice, Sandra Truitt, Ralph Jones, Linda Williams, and all Webb faculty to help you and all their students shine in their rigorous classes.
  • The way a community-shared sense of honor is clearly on display with every dropped backpack on a walking path and with the honor pledge written and signed on completion of each test.
  • The lasting bonds cemented within your class after senior survival.
  • The satisfaction during those first college semesters, when you realize that Webb prepared you well.

Today, we refer to this experience as The Character of Home

Take a moment to consider what Webb did for you, and what it can do for your family.  There could never be a more exciting time to be connected with The Webb School.  Webb students still embrace the sprit of our honor code. Our mission is alive and well, and so is our desire for continuous improvement. Each day our faculty inspire their students to become more confident and eager to learn. Our new public performance program will build on the declamation to allow students to foster their emerging voice and academic passions while attaining valuable public speaking experience.

Webb Students are accepted to outstanding colleges. In a recent survey, 91 percent of young alumni  stated that they were “very well” or “exceptionally well” prepared for their first college course. Webb students are ready to excel in college. 

To learn more about what Webb can do for your child, relative, or young friend, and to see when Webb Admissions will be visiting your area, please visit The Webb School Admissions page

If you are interested in helping to spread the word about Webb among your friends, business network, and community, please email: admissions@webbschool.com.