Why Boarding School?

“Boarding school isn't just an academic change; it is growth that you want to see in your child. It's the maturity and development of confidence that you can't put a price tag on.”

Current Webb parent
A ttending boarding school transforms you. Relationships with faculty, the warmth and comfort of the residential community, and friendships found in no other environment are only a few facets of a comprehensive education that will grow your child into a young adult prepared for life beyond high school.

Because of Dedicated Faculty
Teaching at a boarding school is a lifestyle. Students and teachers connect over meals, on sports teams, in the dorms after study hours, or while walking to class in the morning. At Webb, teachers know and care for their students in a way that goes beyond the traditional day student's experience: they're living life alongside their students.

because it's a home away from home

Parents can know that their children are in an environment that nurtures and cares for them, and moreover, one that feels like home. Our rural and intimate setting promotes a focus on personal values, not materialism, so that student acceptance comes from within. These unique qualities create what we call The Character of Home. 

because your child will learn to be independent


Boarding schools foster independence in a close, nurturing environment. From practicing basic responsibilities to learning social engagement on their own away from home, Webb students are encouraged to think and act for themselves in a way that facilitates the transition to college and eventually into their adult lives. With the guidance of faculty, Webb boarding students learn to manage their time, handle daily tasks, and take on ownership for their academic work. 

because you are known

The relationships formed living at a boarding school are some of the strongest you can make. Webb boarding students study together, learn to work through problems together, and have fun together. Webb ladies and gentlemen are not only held accountable by their teachers and their dorm parents, but also by their peers. Living at Webb is like being a part of a large family. The lessons, friendships and memories our students have last the rest of their lives.

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The Truth About Boarding School

The Association of Boarding Schools (TABS) recently published a study, conducted by the Art and Science Group, that identifies additional, life-long benefits to attending a boarding school. The study, entitled The Truth About Boarding School, reveals five principal advantages to a boarding school education. An interactive display of the survey can be found on the TABS Web site