Why Boarding School

“As a boarding student our son has grown within a safe and supportive environment. We are impressed with his sense of honor, responsibility and independence. His self-confidence unfolds more each day. We are certain that he will be well equipped to handle the opportunities and challenges of life.”

Webb Boarding School parent

Attending boarding school is a transforming experience. It’s a comprehensive education, filled with deeply developed friendships, active involvement with activities, the mentoring of engaged teachers, and diverse communities that define the life of each graduate.


Dedicated Faculty

Teaching at a boarding school is a lifestyle. At Webb, student-teacher relationships are very close, partly because of our 7:1 student-teacher ratio, but more importantly because we attract teachers who want to work in our boarding school environment. Students and teachers connect over meals, on sports teams, in the dorms after study hours, or while walking to class in the morning. Webb faculty are teachers, mentors, and friends.

Engaged Learning, Challenging Academics

The boarding school classroom is interactive, with students bouncing questions off their teachers in a fun, fast-paced learning environment. At Webb, students find that it’s cool to be smart. All students plan to attend college and our three-year SAT average is 160 points above the independent school average and 350 points above the national public school average.

A Webb education builds confidence and creativity. Writing across the curriculum and public speaking are major emphases at The Webb School. Through our Emerging Voices Program, students learn to create original ideas, assemble a body of research, and communicate those ideas effectively through writing and public speaking. Students showcase their skills each year by performing declamations, orations, performance creations and senior paper presentations. These exhibitions are developed and completed under the mentorship of the students' advisors and other members of the community. Our goal is to create confident contributors in the classroom and beyond.

Home Away From Home


The relationships formed living at a boarding school are some of the strongest you can make. Webb boarding students study together, learn to work through problems together, and have fun together. Living at Webb is like being a part of a large family. The lessons, friendships and memories our students have last the rest of their lives.


Boarding school opens the doors to many opportunities. Athletics, the arts, and student clubs are all available and the boarding school structure makes involvement easy. Webb students benefit from our small size of 320 students as they have more access to programs.


Boarding school students grow into independent, responsible adults. With the guidance of faculty, Webb boarding students learn to manage their time, handle daily tasks, and accept ownership for their academic work. This independence and self-discipline provides boardings students advantages beyond their GPA as they are very prepared to handle the freedom and demands of college life.

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The Truth About Boarding School

The Association of Boarding Schools (TABS) recently published a study, conducted by the Art and Science Group, that identifies additional, life-long benefits to attending a boarding school. The study, entitled The Truth About Boarding School, reveals five principal advantages to a boarding school education. An interactive display of the survey can be found on the TABS Web site