The Webb School is a private boarding and day school located in Middle Tennessee.  Founded in 1870, Webb has a rich history of academic excellence with an emphasis on honor. Webb offers a vigorous college-preparatory education for students in grades 6-12. Our small community is comprised of 300 boarding and day students and represents 14 states and 10 countries. Webb's friendly environment and emphasis on honor and integrity truly creates a place we are proud to call the Character of Home.

Webb: One of the Top Private Schools in the South

We seek candidates who are ready and willing to contribute to our school. In return, we know that our students will flourish by actively participating in our programs and by embracing Webb's emphasis on honor and personal integrity. We fully believe that by embracing each of these opportunities, Webb graduates are prepared to become leaders in life.

It is our goal in the Admissions Office to reflect to you the same personal attention that our students currently receive from our faculty. I hope you find this Web site both engaging and informative. However, the best way to discover what makes Webb so special is to visit our campus. If you would like to schedule a visit, or if you have any questions, please feel free to call us at 1-888-SEE-WEBB or 931-389-6003.


Choosing the Right School for your Family

Your decision to consider an independent school is just the beginning. You must choose the right school from the hundreds available. The Webb School is a proud member of the National Association of Independent Schoools (NAIS). While all NAIS schools set high standards and emphasize values, they are wonderfully distinct from each other.

The best way to discover which school is right for you is to schedule a personal visit. However, before you visit, we suggest that you sit down with your family and determine your "ideal" educational community. After you consider the following questions, please feel free to contact our office at 1-888-733-9322 for any assistance.

    • Is the school accredited and by whom?

    • What is the school's mission and does its philosophy appeal to you?
    • Does the school have a special or particular educational focus?

    • Are academics rigorous?

    • Is the environment competitive? Nurturing? Are there high expectations?

    • Does the school meet your child's needs?

    • How large is the school and its student body?

    • Where is the school located and what are your transportation options?

    • What variety of learning experiences are available at the school -- in class, on the playing field, in extracurricular activities, and in community service? Are extracurricular activities obligatory?

    • Does the school seem to have a diverse student body and faculty?

    • Do the school materials discuss parental involvement?

    • For high schools, what are the graduation requirements? What percentage of students enter colleges -- and what kind of colleges do they attend?

    • Is college counseling effective? (Look at rates at which school grads achieve their first and second college choices.)

    • What is the tuition and how flexible are the school's financing options?

    • What is the school's application process? Are deadlines drawing near?

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