Webb Student Blogs

The Webb School is truly a special place. Our core values of honor, integrity, and civility motivate our young men and women to reach their full promise. We also have some of the most creative, active, and just all-around great kids you will find on any boarding or day school campus.  On this blog, we invite you to hear the voices of our students. Read their perspectives of Webb - our traditions and what it's like to grow and learn on our campus.

We also want to give you the opportunity to get in touch with a Webb student. Just e-mail our office here and we will take it from there.

  • Webb feeling like home

    Coming to The Webb School was a huge change for me.

  • "Trapping"

    Mr. Smith is an awesome history teacher. He teaches World History I for the freshmen at Webb. He loves to do “trapping” as a method of reviewing material. Trapping is the best way to practice for an upcoming exam.

  • Honesty ... is key to life

    I believe honesty is the best policy. If you live a life of lies, then you will never gain trust. It can be very frustrating to have no one believe you, to have friends and family that don’t know if they can trust you. At Webb, the expectation of honesty is everywhere. Teachers at Webb believe students are telling the truth and being honest.