Did you know that approximately 48% of Webb students receive some form of financial aid or scholarship? On an annual basis, Webb awards more than $1.7 million to deserving students thanks to the generous support of alumni, family and friends of the school. Financial aid and scholarship awards are grant awards, meaning they do not need to be paid back.

It is very important to note that applying for financial aid has no bearing upon the Admissions Committee’s deliberation and assessment of student’s potential as a Webb student. Decisions regarding admission to Webb and eligibility for financial aid are made independently of each other.

Need-based Financial Aid Program

The Webb School recognizes that not all of the students interested in attending our school may be able to afford the full cost of a Webb education. The financial aid office is committed to attracting mission-appropriate students by meeting the financial need of the family. Webb, like many independent schools around the country, uses the School and Student Services (SSS) to determine financial need. SSS will start processing applications as early on as October 24, 2016. The priority deadline to apply for need-based financial aid is February 20, 2017

For a list of FAQ’s about applying through SSS, click here.


The Honors Scholarship Program

The honors scholarship program is an exciting opportunity available to new boarding students who are applying for grades 8-11. Based on the determination of the selection committee, the Webb School will award grants ranging from $5,000 to $10,000 per year and which are based on academic merit and extracurricular involvement. The scholarship will continue for the student’s entire time at Webb contingent upon the student’s continued success.

To be considered for the Honors Scholarship Program, students must:

   • Demonstrate academic excellence and extracurricular involvement.
   • Demonstrate a commitment to help improve one's community.
   • Demonstrate leadership skills and a strong desire to take full advantage
      of a boarding school environment.
   • Be a new student who is applying to Webb as a boarding student.


Application Process for the Honors Scholarship:
   • Submit the standard Webb School application by February 20.
   • Take the SSAT test. The SSAT is offered in many locations nationwide.
      Visit to look up test locations and to register
      for the test. We advise that you do this as soon as possible. You may
      also take the SSAT test at Webb. Contact the admissions office for
      test dates.
   • Have the applicant's school counselor or principal submit the
   Honors Scholarship Nomination Form.

For more information, contact Steven Byrd in the admissions office at 931-389-6003.


Legacy Scholarship Program

Webb is committed to providing a Webb education to Alumni family members. Legacy Scholarships are available to qualified applicants with a Webb connection and these scholarships are awarded each year the student attends the school. Alumni families are also encouraged to apply for financial aid or additional scholarships. Webb provides more than $1.7 million each year in financial aid and scholarships.

WHO IS ELIGIBLE for a Legacy Scholarship?

   • Applicants must have a parent, grandparent, aunt or uncle who
     attended The Webb School.

   • $10,000 Legacy Scholarships are given to boarding student in the
     United States who live outside of Tennessee and its eight
     contiguous states.
   • $5,000 Legacy Scholarships are given to boarding living in Tennessee
      or one of the eight contiguous states. Tennessee and contiguous states
      qualify for a special in-state tuition rate.
   • $1,000 Legacy Scholarships are given to day students.

For more information regarding the Legacy Scholarship Program, please contact Director of Admissions Julie Harris, ’95 at 931-389-6003 or

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