School Profile

Faced with the certainty of a rapidly changing world, Webb recognizes its responsibility as a college preparatory school to provide an intellectual, moral, physical, and social framework that will serve students both in college and in the years that follow. The faculty, administration, and board of trustees agree that a strong liberal arts education best prepares students to respond constructively and imaginatively to the challenge of change. Students are, therefore, encouraged in all courses to think and communicate critically, as well as creatively. Webb endeavors to take full advantage of the freedoms afforded by an independent school. Instructors are given considerable latitude within the classroom, provided that thoroughness is not sacrificed and that care is taken to establish an atmosphere in which ideas can be freely expressed and tested.

In both the academic and the co-curricular sphere, the Webb School attempts to meet individual needs in a variety of ways. A dedicated faculty and a low ratio of students to teachers ensure that each student receives thorough instruction. Although Webb seeks out students of varying backgrounds, a sense of community is encouraged both during and after the academic day. Webb students are taught to live harmoniously in a student body that reflects global variety in socioeconomic status, race, and religion.

Webb's faculty are outstanding, committed educators, who come from a wide range of colleges and universities; most of whom possess advanced degrees. While a few teachers are fresh out of college, the average faculty member has 16 years in the profession and 9 years experience at Webb. Throughout the year, Webb encourages the faculty's continuing education by funding graduate courses, workshops, conferences, and seminars.

Webb's average class size is 10, but some classes are as small as 5 students. In that type of environment it is very easy to see that topics are being grasped and concepts mastered.

Webb has provided a challenging curriculum which is preparing me academically. I am also able to participate in athletics, which is preparing me physically. Webb encourages me to serve in my community and be a good citizen. My teachers and administration at Webb have been very supportive of me during my years here. They have always helped me reach my goals and encouraged me to be the best person I can be.

- Anna Claire tuma, Class of 2016

Webb offers College Preparatory and College Preparatory-Honors courses in most disciplines. This "two-track" system allows students to take accelerated courses in their areas of particular academic strength.

Writing across the curriculum and public speaking are major emphases at The Webb School. Through our Emerging Voices Program, students learn to create original ideas, assemble a body of research, and communicate those ideas effectively through writing and public speaking. Students showcase their skills each year by performing declamations, orations, performance creations and senior paper presentations. These exhibitions are developed and completed under the mentorship of the students' advisors and other members of the community. Our goal is to create confident contributors in the classroom and beyond.

Webb offers 23 Advanced Placement classes. Students can earn college credit and/or advanced placement in college courses based on their AP test scores. These include Biology, Calculus AB, Calculus BC, Chemistry, Computer Science Principles, English III Language and Composition, English IV Literature and Composition, Environmental Science, French Language and Culture (beginning 2015-2016), Government and Politics, Latin, Macroeconomics, Microeconomics, Modern European History, Spanish Language and Culture (beginning 2015-2016), Statistics, Studio Art: 2D Design, Studio Art: Drawing, Physics I, Physics: Electromagnetism, Physics: Mechanics, U.S. History, and World History. 

In 2016, 111 of our students took 250 AP examinations. 86.8% achieved a score making them eligible to receive college credit and/or advanced placement in college courses.
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Quick Facts

10 Average Class Size
7:1 Student-Faculty ratio
74% of Webb faculty possess advanced degrees
15 States represented in the student body
Countries represented in the student body
1796 Average SAT Score: Class of 2016 (Includes scores for students for whom English is a second language)
27 Average ACT Score: Class of 2016
23 AP Courses Offered
250 AP exams taken in 2015-16 by Webb students
86.8% of Students taking AP exams achieved a score eligible to receive college credit