Graduation Requirements

Graduation Requirements 

Discipline Credits
English 4 credits (English I, II, III, and IV)
Mathematics 4 credits (Algebra I, Algebra II, Geometry. Algebra I taken in the 8th grade will count as one of the four credits)
Science 3 credits (Biology, Chemistry and Physics)
History 3 1/2 credits (World History Parts I and II, U.S. History, and Issues in Democracy)
Foreign Language 3 credits (same language in upper school)
Electives from above disciplines As necessary in the senior year to assure a minimum of five courses each semester.
Fine Arts 2 credits (at least 1/2 credit each visual arts, theater, music; at least 50% of those credits must be performanced based.)
Speech 1/2 credit
Ethics 1/2 credit
Non-Major Requirements


Speech: One semester in 9th grade (or first year for new students).


Ethics: One semester in 10th grade (or first year for new juniors).


The Webb School accepts course requirements completed at other accredited schools prior to enrolling at Webb. These credits will not appear on The Webb School transcript.