Academic Support Systems

There are a number of support systems in place that help students reach their potential at Webb. Although we strive to foster increasing levels of independence in our students as they progress toward graduation, we attempt to provide the appropriate level of support along the way to help each student succeed.

Advisor System

Each Webb student has a faculty advisor who serves as the student’s personal advocate and counselor, as well as the liaison between the student, parents, and administration. Students meet with their advisors during Chapel and Seminar, and students are encouraged to seek help or counsel at any time. Students have the same advisor throughout middle school. Each upper school student chooses his/her advisor who remains with them throughout the upper school years.

Progress Reports

In addition to quarterly report cards, parent can monitor their child’s academic progress through RenWeb, the online grading system used by Webb. A student’s strengths and weaknesses are identified early, and they are communicated not only to parents but also to the student’s advisor and to the Director of Studies. Appropriate action is taken to reward accomplishment or to correct a problem before it proves too difficult for the student to overcome. It is this type of individual attention that helps students reach their full potential while they are at Webb.

Academic Support

In order to facilitate student achievement at Webb, a trained Webb teacher works individually or in small groups with the limited number of Webb students who have documented learning differences.